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Have you been struggling with long term problems with weight?  Are you considering weight loss surgery? Do you long for better quality of life with your kids, family and friends?

Our team of Specialists in Weight Loss SurgeryGastro-Intestinal Surgery are here to help.


  • Do you suffer with heartburn or chronic acid reflux ?
  • Are you wanting to explore Weight Loss Surgery?

We can help gut health through various surgical services we offer.

At Melbourne Gastro Surgery, we are passionate about delivering world-class care with integrity and professionalism.

Our WORLD-CLASS services can help you:
  • Achieve your healthy weight goal with weight loss surgery.
  • Develop habits for maintaining lasting weight control.
  • Achieve lasting relief from heartburn with anti-reflux surgery.
  • Treat problems associated with gallstones and hernias.
  • Treat other problems of GI tract such as cancers.

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Why consider Weight Loss Surgery with us?

Dr. Arun Dhir, Director at Melbourne Gastro Surgery, is a highly-respected Gastro-Intestinal, Bariatric & Robotic Surgeon in Melbourne.  Dr Arun is also a health and wellness advocate. He brings this integrative approach to patient care in a very creative and sensitive manner. With over 25 years of national and international experience, Dr Arun Dhir and his team have performed several thousands of laparoscopic (keyhole) procedures successfully.

  • Dr Arun and his team, including Doctors Jake Vanyi and Ben Keong, have performed several thousand laparoscopic/keyhole procedures successfully.
  • They are committed to your long term success and operate out of several reputed Melbourne hospitals.
  • Dr Arun also holds an Academic Appointment with Monash University.

An Integrative approach to Weight Loss Surgery 

Taking Weight Loss SURGERY CARE to a WHOLE new level with an integrative “individual” approach.

Gut Health remains central to all problems of digestion and also Obesity Treatments.

This is where an Integrative Approach to weight loss problems provides best long term results.

Dr Arun Dhir and his team uses the principles of integrative approach in weight loss surgery and gastro-instestinal surgery to achieve lasting success for their patients.

Watch our video on Integrative Gut Surgery.

The team at Melbourne Gastro Surgery offers the following weight loss surgery procedures: Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Lapband surgery for weight loss; Laparoscopic-LapBandgastric-sleeve-surgery-for-weight-loss-melbourne

Our Specialists also perform Robotic Surgery for the following conditions:

  • Hiatus hernia repair or anti reflux surgery
  • Obesity or weight loss Surgery
  • Cancers of the food pipe or stomach
  • Hernia of the abdominal wall or groin
  • Revisional surgery for weight loss (such as revisional weight loss surgery for failing lap band surgery)


Find out more about our services to improve YOUR digestive health or weight loss efforts by phoning us on (03) 9466 7799.

We look forward to helping you achieve your health goals.

Integrative Gut Surgery Program

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