Integrative Gut Surgery – Digestive Surgery with a Difference

The human digestive tract may appear to be a long hollow tube. However, the digestive tract is one of the most amazing organs in the body. What makes it even more unique is the 100 trillion micro organisms that call it home. During times when the Gut does not function well, surgery may be required. INTEGRATIVE GUT SURGERY – incorporates a holistic approach to achieving superior outcomes after Digestive & Weight Loss Surgery. This is the basis of our GUT HEALING PROGRAMME.

The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well

– Hippocrates

Steps of the Gut Surgery Program

Stress Management & Goal Settings

Some stress is good; but too much stress, and we can become over-whelmed.  When this happens, our physical and mental well-being are at risk.  Typically, the body also becomes inflamed – particularly the gut. Inflammation is a serious disease risk.

Inflammation needs to be avoided for optimal health.

One of the best ways to manage stress is through developing Mindfulness based Meditation habits.  Goal setting is another key aspect of managing stress and can help you feel more in control. These habits can help you to reduce stress levels, which in turn can help to lessen inflammation in the gut and other parts of the body.

Gut Detox, Diet & Supplements

In today’s living environments, we have constant exposure to toxins.  Toxic exposures range from air pollution, cigarette smoke (direct or second-hand), polluted water, hormones and pesticides used in foods we consume and even perfumes and chemicals in household products can sometimes be toxic.  The body itself can create toxins in reaction to bacteria or when our elimination system isn’t working as well as it should.

A Gut detox programme allows the body to rid itself of collected toxins, neutralises free radicals and promotes a healthy gut lining. The healthy gut lining helps your gut heal and function better, meaning fewer digestive problems, less bloating and a much happier bowel/digestive system.

Exercise & Breath Control

Exercise and mood are intricately linked.  Exercise can lift our mood and correct our internal bio-chemistry – meaning it’s a natural way to fight mild depression.  The right levels of exercise can even you recover from a surgical procedure; but be careful not to over-do things as you heal from an illness or surgical procedure.

Several studies have been done on Yogic breathing – a type of breathing exercise – that allows slow but focused breathing. These scientifically proven techniques help oxygenate your blood supply including to the gut. Better oxygenation and improved blood supply to the gut translates into superior gut healing – meaning better health and faster recovery from illness or even surgery.

Gut Microbiome

The human GUT is home to 100 Trillion bugs that exist in a co-operative and mutually beneficial relationship with us. About 80% of the gut bacteria are friendly. The remaining gut bacteria is usually not so beneficial to our bodies nor to our health. When the gut bacteria balance is disturbed and the “baddies” take over, we start to “feel” it. In fact, the health of your Gut Microbiome is directly responsible for your overall health.

Maintaining a healthy gut bacterial balance and diversity is a KEY factor in achieving improved immune system function. Having a healthy, balanced Gut Microbiome is also a vital tool for healing during times of surgical stress. This is usually achievable by making nutritional changes to your diet.

Stress Management and Goal setting builds psychological strength – a vital force in recovery
Gut Detox, Diet & Supplements : Creates a healthy Gut lining helping it to heal and function better
Exercise and Breath Control : Has immense positive health benefits leading to faster recovery
Balancing Gut Microbiome : The Gut Microbial balance and diversity is the key in determining the health of our immune system – a vital tool during surgical stress

Our Team

Dr Arun Dhir

MS FRCS (Edinburgh UK) FRACS

Gastro Intestinal Surgeon & Expert in Mind Body Medicine

Renece Lovett

BHSc(Naturopathy), ATMS


Alison McEntee

B.H.Sc(Behavioural Science), Cert IV (Fitness)

Wellness Coaching

Sophie Skalkos


Senior Dietitian

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