Weight Loss Surgery Package

Our heartiest congratulations on taking the first step in your health and wellness journey.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”


When you choose to have your weight loss surgery with Melbourne Gastro Surgery, our team’s support of your journey covers MORE than just the surgery itself.

As part of your weight loss journey, we provide our patients with the following 8 BONUS ITEMS included in your Surgery Pack – ALL FREE of charge.

Embark on a journey to reclaim your Healthy weight with a Team that is PASSIONATE about supporting your mind and body to help you SUCCEED.

You’ll be pleased to know you’ll be embarking on LONG–TERM Weight Control with a Specialist Team supporting you in your journey.

Introducing the Weight Loss Package BONUS BOX of Goodies to help your Weight Loss efforts  – absolutely FREE for our surgery patients.

As part of our commitment to helping you move towards better health & fitness, we have created a Bonus Box package of resources, materials and consultations you’ll find extremely helpful as you move through and beyond your Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Band, Sleeve or Bypass procedure).

Weighing Machine at Melbourne Gastro Surgery



When you sign up for our weight loss surgery programme and have consented to a Bariatric Surgery procedure, we will provide you with the following great tools to help you succeed. These are included with your Surgery at NO extra charge.


Get your walking shoes on – and let the FIT BIT start counting your steps for you!

Value:  $250 AUD (varies) – included at NO CHARGE with your Bariatric Surgery procedure.


Nutrichew - Melbourne Gastro Surgery
Keep your vitamin levels up to date after weight loss surgery with NutriChew – the only proven chewable multivitamin for adults that provides adequate supplementation.

Weight loss (Bariatric) surgery procedures can sometimes result in nutritional deficiencies due to reduced food intake, rapid weight loss and other factors. Nutritional challenges reported in Bariatric surgery patients include getting enough of the following vitamins: Thiamine; B12; Folate; Calcium and Iron.

The Nutrichew™ Chewable multivitamins consist of two (2) Chewable Orange flavoured tablets which can be taken at any time of the day with or without food. They come in 60 tablet bottles which will last you a month.

One full bottle is included at NO CHARGE with your Bariatric Surgery procedure. Value: $40.00 AUD

3 Dietitian Consultations after Weight Loss Surgery

Dietitian Consultations after weight loss surgery gastric sleeve, gastric band, lap band costs
After your 1st consultation with a Nutritionist, we’ll provide you with 3 more visits after surgery.

Knowing what to eat, what not to eat, and when to eat is important after weight loss surgery.

It’s an educational AND motivational process to make changes that will assist you in losing weight and keeping it off.

When you have weight loss surgery with our Team, we include 3 Nutritional/Dietician Consultations after your surgery – at the time we believe you might need the most support. Value: $400 to $600 AUD – included FREE with your Weight Loss Surgery at Melbourne Gastro Surgery.

2 Years of Post-Operative Consultations with our Bariatric Surgeons

(You will need a current referral from your GP and a valid Medicare card)

Your Surgeon will see you at regular intervals to check up on your weight loss progress after your Bariatric surgery.

In the first year, your Weight Loss Surgeon will review your progress once every 2 to 4 months (or sooner if required, if you have medical concerns after surgery) – four to six visits with your Surgeon in the first year are included with your Weight Loss Surgery Pack. (Value is approximately $400 – $500 AUD). Scheduling may vary and our Team’s Surgical Associates may assist with your care from time to time, but Dr Dhir and the our Melbourne Bariatric Surgeons will often assist you directly during your journey.

Anaesthetic & Assistant Gap Fees Covered

weight loss surgery package costs
 Anaesthetic and Assistant Gap (Out of Pocket) fees

Normally these GAP fees amount to OUT OF POCKET expenses to Weight Loss Surgery patients.

When you have weight loss surgery with our Team, there is typically a GAP FEE for Anaesthetic Services and for the Surgical Assistant(s). These are typically billed separately to patients at most surgery centres.

However, at Melbourne Gastro Surgery, these GAP FEES are covered for you as part of our Weight Loss Surgery & support services package. You will need a current referral from your GP and a valid Medicare card.

Value: $600 to $750 AUD (Included/Covered with your Weight Loss Surgery Package).

OPTIFAST Starter Pack with Shaker

Optifast Starter Pack & Shaker - Melbourne Gastro Surgery
Optifast Starter Pack (Shaker with Single Sachet)

If you’re having Surgery for Weight Loss, you’ll usually need to prepare your body for best results.

OPTIFAST helps reduce fatty liver prior to surgery. One sample OPTIFAST sachet and the Optifast Shaker is included in your “Bonus Box” with your Weight Loss Surgery Package.

This starter pack will assist you to prepare for your forthcoming surgery.  Value: approximately $25 AUD including shaker (varies)


Meal Request Card - Melbourne Gastro Surgery
Meal Card (Meal Savings Assistance)


We provide you with a MEAL CARD, which recognises that you will only be able to handle small portion size meals after your weight loss surgery. This enables you to order smaller meals and save money when dining out.

This can be useful while dining out and can help you save money on meals.  Value: Will vary from patient to patient.





Happy Healthy Habits - Melbourne Gastro Surgery
Healthy Habits:  Goal Setting Journal 

The Healthy Habits Journal includes:

 Weekly Good Habits Pad

 1 x Quote Sticker Sheet

 4 x Quote Cards

 Mini Happiness Journal

 Mini Goals Journal

 Mini Mindfulness Journal

 Mini Habits Journal

 Mini Dreams Journal

 Habits Activity Book

The only way to achieve your dreams is to write them down on paper.

Journalling is a very powerful exercise and can help form new  lifestyle patterns called – HABITS.

Habits, both good and bad, play such a huge role in our lives. Yet they might be overlooked in the day to day.  However, habits often need early nurturing to develop into everyday habits.

Understanding how habits work – and how you can master habits to ensure your success – is crucial to living a life you love and having a healthy body after surgery. That’s where the “Healthy Habits” Goal Setting Journal comes in to play!